Space Technology

Hi-Tech Bangla is ready to conduct extensive space research primarily in the following areas:


1. Robotic Systems for Space Exploration

  • a. Robotic Mobility, Manipulation and Sampling
  • b. Payload Technologies for Free-Flying Robots
  • c. Robotic Systems - Mobility Subsystems

2. Communications and Navigation

  • a. Flight Dynamics and Navigation Technology
  • b. Guidance, Navigation and Control

3. Spacecraft and Platform Subsystems

  • a. Terrestrial and Planetary Balloons
  • b. Spacecraft Technology for Sample Return Missions

4. Entry, Descent and Landing Systems

  • a. Planetary Entry, Descent and Landing and Small Body Proximity Operation Technology

5. Air Vehicle Technology

  • a. Structural Efficiency-Tailored Airframe & Structures
  • b. Quiet Performance - Airframe Noise Reduction

6. Integrated Flight Systems

  • a. Flight Test and Measurements Technologies
  • b. Unmanned Aircraft Systems Technology

7. Airspace Operations and Safety

  • a. Advanced Air Traffic Management Systems Concepts
  • b. Autonomy of the National Airspace Systems (NAS)

8. Small Spacecraft Technologies

  • a. Spacecraft Communication Systems
  • b. Spacecraft Power and Thermal Control
  • c. Spacecraft Structures, Mechanisms, and Manufacturing
  • d. Spacecraft Avionics and Control
  • e. Launch Vehicle Technologies and Demonstrations
  • f. Coordination and Control of Swarms of Space Vehicles

9. Autonomous Systems for Space Exploration

  • a. Machine Learning and Data Mining for Autonomy, Health Management, and Science
  • b. Distributed Spacecraft Missions (DSM) Technology Framework
  • c. Advanced Structural Health Monitoring
  • d. Resilient Autonomous Systems
  • e. Spacecraft Autonomous Agent Cognitive Architectures for Human Exploration

10. Ground and Launch Processing

  • a. Real Time Launch Environment Modeling and Sensing Technologies

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