HTB maintains the supply line of simulator that can be used by both Military and civilian organizations. With a reputation for delivering leading-edge technology, HTB is the go-to partner for OEMs looking to leverage the power of simulators from developing engineering models to delivering complete branded-simulator programs. Our team is ready to help you face your challenges, both today and into the future. Across the defense and significant rising challenges are resulting in companies at all tier-levels having to continuously reassess their supply processes, cost structures, resource teams, locations, strategic partnerships, client relationships, and product development tools and infrastructures. These reviews bring new opportunities for the supplier and manufacturer, requirements for efficiencies and cost reductions, and process acceleration initiatives, while also having to maintain high-quality certifications and on-schedule deliveries. As systems become more complex to develop, build, and deliver, teams require new ways to conceptualize, design, manufacture, test, certify and sustain their new platforms, extended enterprise teams and supply chains. And, they need to do so with the benefits and challenges of figuring out how to collaboratively involve their upstream and downstream Supply chain process teams earlier in the development cycle, and more completely, than ever before, while maintaining data integrity and security throughout and ongoing for their key business and technology initiatives, and immediately address their strategic must-have requirements.

Hi-Tech Bangla Inc. – Complete Partner Provider

  • Competitive Business Environment
  • Modern Commercial Needs
  • Improve Supply chain process
  • Increasing Difficulties & Obstacles
  • Increment of Environmental & Social Concerns
  • Distributed and Concurrent Environment
  • Changing Business Laws & Clause

Industry Challenges


  • World class Customer Relationship Management
  • Strong Supply chain System
  • Virtual Training & Mentoring
  • Flexible Technological Strategy


  • Assessments
  • Evaluations
  • Pilot Projects
  • Global Ent. Collaboration
  • Customer Satisfaction

Military Simulator Supply & Liaison Services

  • Advanced RADAR Control Simulator (ARCS)
  • Elecrtonic Warfare Training & Simulation System (EWTSS)
  • Small Arms Firing Simulator
  • Radar System Simulator
  • Tank Simulator
  • Naval Bridge Simulator
  • Sonar Simulator
  • Anti-Submarine Warfare
  • Radar Jammer Simulator

Commercial Simulator Supply & Liaison Services

  • Air Traffic Control Simulator
  • Basic Flight Simulator
  • Basic Helicopter Simulator
  • Nuclear Power Plant Simulator
  • Fossil Power Plant Simulator
  • Combined Cycle Power Plant Simulator
  • Air Traffic Control Simulator
  • Damage Control Simulator
  • Marine Simulator


  • Advanced Training Aircraft
  • Unmannned Aerial Vehicle
  • Radar System
  • Missile System
  • Power Plant Simulator

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