Staffing your organization

is often challenging and long procedures. We Hi-Tech Bangla, it can be easier and more practical than you think. Hi-Tech Bangla is running certified training centers for professionals and are constantly working for re-skilling and developing workforce for the industries. If you need to increase your staff or need help managing one or more HTB services, contact us, you get the qualified staffs you’re looking for.

We work with you to find the solution that best fits your needs, either you want us to provide you onsite support with our staff or recruit your own. Both solutions can be fulfilled short- or long-term commitments basis or depending on your requirements.

Onsite Support

HTB’s onsite support allows you to complement your in-house staffs without onboarding a full-time, employee. Sometimes your needs might require some extra help from to get your project running on time and budget. Our staffing solutions can complement with one or more HTB’s employees who are recruited and hired by us to help manage your specific services. There by,

  • HTB will source and recruit the Talents
  • Experts are specifically qualified to manage and support your projects
  • Talents are HTB’s employee and we provide them pay and benefits
  • Perfect for short or long-term commitments

We’re expert recruiters who recruit professionals and experts from the industry

  • We are connected with industry professionals
  • Our experts can source and recruit qualified candidates for you in shortest possible time
  • We do all recruitment processes, liaison, interview, negotiation on behalf of you
  • You decide on the candidate you want to hire

Hi-Tech Bangla, you can get the precise helping hands you require, fully vetted and recruited by the experts from the industry, who know what is required to get the job done.

Ready to Find Experts for Your Staff

Hiring a full-time professional for your project is a huge decision best made with the help of experts. Contact us to discuss how we can help you decide if a full-time staff person is the way to go, and then get them in place to meet your goals.

Disciplines where HTB is specialized for recruiting service

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. provides customer with Certified, Qualified and Experienced professionals for below industries but off course not limited to only:

  • Information Technology
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Transportation and Mobility
  • Industrial Equipment and Machineries
  • Health Care

Staffs are provided based on the customer requirements.

Our certified trainers

are constantly working for re-skilling and developing workforce for professional industries for conducting specific job as per customer requirements.

Best Workforce

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. provides clients with best workforce who can give the best performance in the required field.

Customized Team Development

Based on our customer requirements we can also deploy customized team i.e. team member consist of multiple engineers and skill set.

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