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Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. (HTB) offers a full bunch of specialized engineering, technical and management services for Aerospace and Defense, Architecture Engineering & Construction, Consumer Goods & Packaging, Energy Process & Utilities, Automobile Transportation & Mobility, Life Science & Medical Device, Marine & Offshore, Information Technology and Health Care Industry. HTB’s team is a blend of experienced and young engineers working for the integration of latest technology with the collaboration of original software vendors.

The entire organization is thriving to continuously improve the quality of the products and services provided by the company. Hi-Tech Bangla Inc. fosters a work ethic and environment in which every employee shares the responsibility for adherence to all policies and procedures of the quality system.

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. provides Software Support Services & Certified Training on 3DS & MSC Software from its state of the art Software Support and Training Center located in Dallas, Texas. Our services include Technical Service and certified Training on industrial software from world’s leading Design & FEA Software provider - Dassault Systèmes and MSC Software company.

Under Software Services Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. offers:


1. Software Support for 3DS & MSC such as, Installation, Integration, Enablement services
2. Certified Training on 3DS & MSC software by industry professional


Software Support Services

Installation, Enablement and Implementation of Software Tools

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Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. provides engineering support for the customers throughout the process from Installation, Activation to Implementation of 3DS and MSC Software. Additionally, we offer training packages on both products to our customers for enablement of practical usage.



HTB will install and activate license for software on the server for network based software user.


        HTB is well equipped with software developer and integrator

        HTB team will integrate complex server with software System

        HTB team can integrate with existing software modules with upgrade version


        HTB team will run the software after installation and provide troubleshooting for any malfunction

        Will Provide software demonstration on site


Software Sales

Hi-Tech Bangla Group partners with world’s most advanced CAE software development companies (i.e. Dassault Systems and MSC Software) and are authorized to sell their products, provide technical services and offer standard & customized training.

Dassault Systemes

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MSC Software



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·         MSC Apex

o   Modeler

o   Structure

·         Integrated Solution

o   Adams

o   Digimat

o   Easy5

o   Marc

·         Modeler Solutions

o   Patran

o   SimXpert


·         Mid-Sized Business

o   MSC Nastran Desktop

o   SimDesigner


·         Solver Solution

o   Dytran

o   MSC Fatigue

o   MSC Nastran

o   Sinda


Software Training Services

In the world of business, staying ahead of the norm means always learning and improving your knowledge and skills. Professional certifications are an important benchmark that employers use to gauge the quality of a candidate. Most businesses are looking for the very best talent, striving to secure the best positions and job security. Make sure YOUR résumé rises to the top by certifying………CATIA, SIMULIA, ENOVIA, DELMIA from an authorized training center. HTB currently offers varieties of Software Training services for 3DS and MSC Software products in our State of the Art Training Center and can also provide customer on-site training.

HTB’s In-House Training Center

·         HTB’s premier training facility consists of state of the art training class room and hardware compatible with running high end design, analysis and simulation software.

·         Each trainee is provided with individual workstation during training courses.

·         Customer can either follow standard training courses provided by software vendors or HTB’s customized training courses designed for each customers’ requirements.


Customer On-Site Training

·         HTB’s On-Site customized training courses are cost-effective.

·         We Provide onsite training on any design, analysis, PLM, etc. related software per customer requirement.

·         Trainings are provided by both Qualified and Certified Instructors based on the skill set requirements for training courses to be conducted.

·         There are exclusive discounts for customers who purchase training bundled with software.


3DS Software Training Package  


Our Training Service covers Dassault Systèmes products range from Basic to Advanced training curriculum. HTB’s Training Packages for Dassault Systems Includes

CATIA Training Package ENOVIA Training Package
CATIA V5 Fundamentals & Part Design Digital Mock-Up Basics
CATIA V5 Foundations for Aerospace Assembly Designers ENOVIA SmarTeam Fundamentals
CATIA V5 Foundations for Aerospace Part DesignersENOVIA V5 VPM for Engineering Collaboration
CATIA Surface Design
CATIA Generative Sheet metal Design
CATIA V5 Mechanical Design Expert
CATIA V5 Foundations for Body Designers
CATIA V5 Foundations for Chassis
CATIA V5 Foundations for Power Train

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MSC Software Training Package

Our Training Service covers MSC Software products range from Basic to Advanced training curriculum. HTB’s Training Packages for MSC Software Includes

MSC Nastran Training Package
Nastran - 01: Linear Static & Normal Modes Analysis
Nastran - 02: Dynamic Analysis
Nastran - 03: Thermal Analysis
Nastran - 04: Substructure Analysis

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