Space Technology


Hi-Tech Bangla is ready to conduct extensive space research primarily in the following areas:


1. Robotic Systems for Space Exploration

a.        Robotic Mobility, Manipulation and Sampling

b.        Payload Technologies for Free-Flying Robots

c.        Robotic Systems - Mobility Subsystems

2. Communications and Navigation

a.        Flight Dynamics and Navigation Technology

b.        Guidance, Navigation and Control

3. Spacecraft and Platform Subsystems

a.        Terrestrial and Planetary Balloons

b.        Spacecraft Technology for Sample Return Missions

4. Entry, Descent and Landing Systems

a.        Planetary Entry, Descent and Landing and Small Body Proximity Operation Technology

5. Air Vehicle Technology

a.        Structural Efficiency-Tailored Airframe & Structures

b.        Quiet Performance - Airframe Noise Reduction

6. Integrated Flight Systems

a.        Flight Test and Measurements Technologies

b.        Unmanned Aircraft Systems Technology

7. Airspace Operations and Safety

a.        Advanced Air Traffic Management Systems Concepts

b.        Autonomy of the National Airspace Systems (NAS)

8. Small Spacecraft Technologies

a.        Spacecraft Communication Systems

b.        Spacecraft Power and Thermal Control

c.        Spacecraft Structures, Mechanisms, and Manufacturing

d.        Spacecraft Avionics and Control

e.        Launch Vehicle Technologies and Demonstrations

f.        Coordination and Control of Swarms of Space Vehicles

9. Autonomous Systems for Space Exploration

a.        Machine Learning and Data Mining for Autonomy, Health Management, and Science

b.        Distributed Spacecraft Missions (DSM) Technology Framework

c.        Advanced Structural Health Monitoring

d.        Resilient Autonomous Systems

d.        Spacecraft Autonomous Agent Cognitive Architectures for Human Exploration

10.Ground and Launch Processing

a.        Real Time Launch Environment Modeling and Sensing Technologies


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