Engineering & Consulting Services


Description: Description: Description: C:\xampp\htdocs\htbinc\services\Engineering-Consulting-Service\services\Engineering-Consulting-Service\HTBInc_OPRN_IT_Website_Services_EngineeringServices_ForServicesTab_Update_20160426_Rev_A1_20160419_1-Upload-Live_files\image001.jpgHi-Tech Bangla, Inc. (HTB) offers a full bunch of specialized Engineering, Technical and Management services for Aerospace and Defense, Architecture Engineering & Construction, Consumer Goods & Packaging, Energy Process & Utilities, Automobile Transportation & Mobility, Life Science & Medical Device, Marine & Offshore, Information Technology and Health Care Industry. HTB has a state of the art Technology Design Center at Dallas, Texas, a home where hundreds of engineers, consultants and technicians are connected for developing innovative & cost effective engineering solutions to meet our customers’ requirements. This design center is the heart and Center of Excellence (COE) of technology, constantly working to improve customer designs with new and additional ideas, post-production engineering support to improve existing designs and achieve the highest level of recognition from industry leadership.

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. specializes in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Software including Design & FEA Software, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Technical & Engineering Process/Data management software. Our engineering staffs are from the industry with years of experience in engineering design, analysis, manufacturing and consulting work. We have the know-how. Let us help you apply our technology to your product development processes.


Our Capability & Services

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. provides engineering solutions to its customers as one stop shopping mall by providing the advanced engineering software tools, conducting training & performing engineering services as need basis. Hi-Tech Bangla has established partnership with engineering software solution developing companies like MSC Software, Dassault Systèmes, SSI, etc. and thus become a power house as an engineering service provider. We do,

Design & FEA AnalysisOutsourcing
Onsite SupportR&D Support 


For Aerospace & Defense Industry


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·         Aircraft maneuver simulation

·         Attachment interfaces

·         Body and fuselage

·         Ejection systems and stores separation

·         Environmental control systems

·         Jet engine nozzle


·         Hydraulic controls

·         Kinematics of landing gear & wing flaps

·         Mechanical flight controls

·         Turbo machinery

·         Wing structure and deflection



Architecture, Engineering & Construction


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·         Project and Requirement Management

·         Convert design from 2D to 3D

·         Design Optimization



·         Facility Management & Maintenance

·         Construction detailing



Automobile, transportation & Mobility


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·         Structural performance of components and assemblies

·         Elastomeric components like seals and

·         Suspension systems

·         Composites modeling & failure analysis

·         Nonlinear analysis

·         Manufacturing process

·         Defroster studies

·         Tire analysis and performance

·         Hydroplaning

·         Fuel-tank sloshing

·         Weight optimization

·         Control systems

·         Materials management

·         Mechatronics

·         Multidiscipline analysis

·         Airbag deployment

·         Crashworthiness studies


Consumer Goods & Packaging


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·         Beverage Plastic Containers

·         Bicycles

·         Glass Bottles

·         Golf Clubs

·         Heat, ventilation and air conditioning

·         Household Goods

·         Industrial Fixtures

·         Beverage Plastic Containers

·         Bicycles

·         Glass Bottles

·         Golf Clubs

·         Heat, ventilation and air conditioning

·         Household Goods

·         Industrial Fixtures


 High Tech


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·         Circuit boards

·         Hard Drive



·         LCD screens

·         Heat Sinks


Energy, Process & Utility




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·         Gear and bearings

·         Seals & gaskets

·         Wind turbine blades and systems

·         Packers and blowout preventers

·         Piping systems

·         Bird impact with turbine blades

·         Packer seal analysis


·         Solar panel heating

·         Wave loading and structural integrity

·         Nuclear cask safety

·         Composite blades

·         Control systems

·         Pipeline inspection gauges

·         Nuclear waste tanks


Design & FEA Services

Engineering Design, 3D Modeling & Drafting

HTB uses CATIA, SolidWorks, SSI, etc. to provide Engineering Design, 3D Modeling & Drafting as following

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Engineering Design

3D Modeling

2D Drafting


·        Composites Engineering Design

·        Sheet metal Design

·        Fluid Systems Design

·        Electrical System Design

·        Routed System Design


·        Part Design

·        Advanced Assembly Design

·        3D Shape Modeling

·        Industrial Design

·        Advanced Surface Modeling

·        Digital Mockup

·        Fabrication drawings

·        2D layout drafting

·        Instrumentation diagrams

·        Component design layouts

·        Mechanical parts drafting

·        Product design schematics

·        manufacturing diagrams


Finite Element Analysis:

HTB supports the following for Finite Element Analysis by using Patran:


·         Finite Element Modeling,

·         Complex Meshing


·         Analysis setup and Post-processing

·         For multiple solvers including MSC Nastran, Marc and Abaqus.



HTB also can support to streamline the creation of analysis ready models for: linear, nonlinear, explicit dynamics, thermal, and other finite element solutions.

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HTB Can Support the following for Finite Element Analysis by using MSC Nastran:


·         Fatigue analysis

·         Thermal analysis

·         Static and dynamic analysis

·         Post-processing


·         Structural Assembly Modeling

·         Multi-Disciplinary Structural Analysis

·         Automated Structural Optimization




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HTB can perform the following analyses by using Marc:


·         Thermal analysis

·         Coupled thermomechanical analysis

·         Electromagnetics

·         Piezoelectric analysis

·         Electrical-Thermal-Mechanical


·         Manufacturing process simulation

·         Design performance analysis

·         Service load performance

·         Failure analysis





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HTB also Support the following for Finite Element Analysis by using Abaqus:


·         Static stress/displacement analysis

·         Viscoelastic/viscoplastic response

·         Dynamic stress/ displacement analysis

·         Heat transfer analysis


·         Mass diffusion analysis

·         Direct cyclic

·         Flow analysis



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Our Tools & Software skills

To provide engineering services to our customer, we have worlds most advanced CAE/CAD software. Our designers, engineers are well versed in

3DS Software

MSC Software


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 Onsite Support

Description: Description: Description: Description: C:\xampp\htdocs\htbinc\services\Engineering-Consulting-Service\HTBInc_OPRN_IT_Website_Services_EngineeringServices_ForServicesTab_Update_20160426_Rev_A1_20160419_1-Upload-Live_files\image024.jpgHTB’s onsite support allows you to complement your in-house staffs without onboarding a full-time, employee. Sometimes your needs might require some extra help to get your project running on time and budget. Our staffing solutions can complement with one or more HTB’s employees who are recruited and hired by HTB to help manage your specific services. Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. can deploy highly skilled professional team of experienced and young engineers upon requirement of our customers to provide necessary support and service regarding R&D, Design and FEA works.



Description: Description: Description: Description: C:\xampp\htdocs\htbinc\services\Engineering-Consulting-Service\HTBInc_OPRN_IT_Website_Services_EngineeringServices_ForServicesTab_Update_20160426_Rev_A1_20160419_1-Upload-Live_files\image026.jpgHi-Tech Bangla, Inc. can outsource engineering services related to R&D, Design and FEA issues faced by Aerospace and Defense, Architecture Engineering & Construction, Consumer Goods & Packaging, Energy Process & Utilities, Automobile Transportation & Mobility, Life Science & Medical Device, Marine & Offshore, Information Technology and Health Care Industry. If you have not had the opportunity to work with our engineers, we welcome you to contact us to help you. Our highly skilled professional team of experienced and young engineers can perform the required design and analysis works in house and/or offshore on behalf of our valued customers and deliver the result just in time.


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