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Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. (HTB) offers a full bunch of specialized Engineering, Technical and Management services for the High Tech Industry. Our engineering staff has deep experience in the industry, so we have the know-how to help you apply our technology to your High Tech products and systems.

Unique style, extraordinary convenience, social connection, and perfect reliability are just a few of the attributes that electronic products consumers demand. Along with these challenging consumer requirements, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) providers, and Semiconductor manufacturers must also respond to short product life cycles, complex designs, and distributed multidisciplinary engineering and manufacturing. As the world goes more mobile, the products need to be designed to withstand a broad range of possible loading scenarios and environmental conditions.

Hi-Tech Bangla Inc. offers Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE Solutions for High Technology, which reinvents the way we engage customers, employees, and partners to imagine, design, engineer, and manufacture, sell and service products. They combine function-specific engineering and manufacturing enablement, integrated social and lifecycle information management and sharing, and customer integration into an experience development process to deliver exceptional electronic experiences that win in the marketplace.

MSC Software provides CAE tools with advanced multiphysics capabilities to simulate mechanical, thermal, and electromagnetic behavior. By taking advantage of the optimization tools from MSC, users can also improve the product performance and reduce the material usage in the product.

Management of the enormous simulation data generated during the design and development process is critical for Manufacturers and OEM’s, HTB has the well-developed resources to provide solutions in Simulation Data and Process Management. This enables companies, large and small, to capture, manage and retrieve the required data through the entire process and thus improve the throughput and efficiency of your teams.

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. specializes in State-of-the-Art Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Software including Design & FEA Software, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Technical & Engineering Process/Data management software and offers following services to the High Tech industries related to the required R&D, Design and FEA works:

Engineering & Consultancy ServicesSoftware Services
Information Technology Services Staffing Services

We primarily provide engineering and consultancy services in High Tech Industry. Our Services Portfolio includes delivering software, providing Technical Support in Installation, Integration and Enablement along with world class Training to ensure maximum productivity of our customer.

Our Capability and Services in High Tech

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. provides engineering solutions to its customers as one stop shopping mall by providing the advanced engineering software tools, conducting training & performing engineering services as need basis. Hi-Tech Bangla has established partnership with engineering software solution developing companies like MSC Software, Dassault Systèmes, SSI, etc. and thus become a power house as an engineering service provider.

HTB provide the following Services to High Tech Industries

Engineering Services:

Our Engineering Services include Design & FEA, Outsourcing, Onsite Support, R&D Support to our customers. To provide the outmost services to our customers HTB has developed Center of Excellence at its state of the art design center, located in Irving, TX, where engineers are capable of performing the following engineering simulations:

Drop and impact testing Durability and fatigue
Strength tests (stress and strain)Solder joint analysis
Thermal analysis Vibration analysis
Global-local shock analysis Packaging and shipping analysis
Process automation Electro-magnetics

The other engineering services include as following:

Process automation Weight optimization
Global-local shock analysisControl systems
Composites modeling & failure analysis Materials management
Nonlinear analysis Packaging and shipping analysis
Manufacturing process Multidiscipline analysis


Design & FEA Services:

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc., specialized in Design and Finite Element Analysis, provides design and analysis solutions, work to our Potential Customers in the field of High Tech Industry. 

Engineering Design, 3D Modeling & Design Data Management:

High Tech Solutions leverage the flexible and highly-customizable approach to conceptual and detailed engineering by utilizing 3DS and MSC software solutions.

Engineers need to design electrical components rapidly, in compliance with company rules and standards for efficient manufacturing. They have to make the first shot right and to experience smooth exchanges with suppliers and contractors. CATIA can provide with a full suite of applications to address these challenges.
The CATIA Mold and Tooling solution delivers a flexible and highly-customizable approach to conceptual and detailed tooling engineering.
With the DELMIA’s High Tech Solutions leverage in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, HTB provides the partners a complete solution that is responsible for Manufacturing Planning, Manufacturing Simulation, NC Programming, Quality and Review, the full capabilities of 3D Digital Manufacturing content and simulation to achieve their production goals.
The Tools at HTB Design Center are: CATIA, DELMIA, ENOVIA, and SolidWorks

Description: http://mecodes.eu/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/multilayer_board.pngDescription: http://www.3ds.com/fileadmin/PRODUCTS-SERVICES/CATIA/CAPABILITIES/Plastic-Part_Mold-Design-Engineering.pngDescription: Systems Architecture

Finite Element Analysis:

Hi-Tech Bangla Inc. provides engineering solutions to optimize designs in High Tech Industry using finite element analysis. HTB, with its state of the art facility located at Irving, TX, has a dedicated team which is capable of optimizing designs and can reduce material and transportation cost from 30 to 50 percent. HTB supports the following for Finite Element Analysis by using MSC Patran and 3DS SIMULIA:

•             Finite Element Modeling,

•             Complex Meshing

•             Analysis setup and Post-processing

•             For multiple solvers including MSC Nastran, Marc and Abaqus.


Description: http://www.3ds.com/uploads/pics/Solutions-Hightech-computer-20peripherals-simulia-01-150-206.jpg Description: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/KVCEQ-oHSHo/maxresdefault.jpg  Description: http://www.ellwest-pcb.com/images/mai2.gif


HTB can provide multidisciplinary structural analysis solution by using MSC Nastran:

·         linear and nonlinear  analysis

·         automated structural optimization

·         fatigue analysis

Description: http://www.mechsol.com/content/uploads/2016/04/circuitboard1.png

For solving the thermal related issues in High Tech Industry, Hi-Tech Bangla Inc. offers Sinda to its customer. Sinda goes beyond other solutions by also providing a powerful thermal programming language, enabling engineers to construct complex thermal scenarios that would otherwise be difficult or impossible with other analyzers. The flexibility of Sinda is extended even more with integration to a wide number of thermal modeling tools including Patran, SimXpert, SindaRad, THERMICA, Thermal Studio and Visio.

Description: http://d3e9xuvpzi1isd.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/_isYy4yXsSk1TcJvMz3oiqo1fichpLSA8ixhmu3lXZs/mtime:1344360864/sites/default/files/inline-images/powersupply-03.jpg

HTB also Support the following for Finite Element Analysis by using Abaqus:

·         Static stress/displacement analysis

·         Viscoelastic/viscoplastic response

·         Dynamic stress/ displacement analysis

·         Heat transfer analysis

·         Mass diffusion analysis

·         Direct cyclic

·         Flow analysis


Software Skills and Tools: MSC Nastran, MSC Patran, Adams, Marc, SIMULIA, Abaqus


Onsite Support

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. can deploy highly skilled professional team of experienced and young engineers upon requirement of our customers to provide necessary support and service regarding R&D, Design and FEA works. For more information please read


Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. can outsource engineering services related to R&D, Design and FEA issues faced by a partner High Tech industry. Our highly skilled professional team of experienced and young engineers can perform the required design and analysis works in house on behalf of our valued customers and outsource the result just in time. For more information please read

Software Services

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. provides Software Services to its customers with State of the Art Software and Training Center. Our services includes Technical Service and Software Training of world’s leading Design & FEA Software Developer i.e. Dassault Systèmes and MSC Software.

Technical Service

Installation, Integration & Enablement

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. offers Software Installation, Integration with various modules and enablement of the software products through technical and operational training solution packaged with Software Sales Services.



·         HTB will install and activate license for software on the server for network based software user


·         HTB is well equipped with software developer and integrator

·         HTB team will integrate complex server with software System

·         HTB team can integrate with existing software modules with upgrade version


·         HTB team will run the software after installation and provide troubleshooting for any malfunction

·         Will Provide software demonstration on site




Software Training Service

We are providing Software Training services for 3DS and MSC Software products in our State of the Art Training Center and can also provide customer side training too.


HTB’s In-House Training Center Customer On-Site Training
HTB started training programs for its customers in its training facility in Dallas, TX.We Provide onsite training on any design, analysis, PLM, etc. related software per customer requirement.
Customer can either follow standard training courses provided by software vendors or HTB’s customized training courses designed for each customer’s requirements. Trainings are provided by both Qualified and Certified Instructors based on the skill set requirements for training courses to be conducted.
HTB’s premier training facility consists of state of the art training class room and hardware compatible with running high end design, analysis and simulation software. HTB’s On-Site customized training courses are cost-effective.
Each trainee is provided with individual workstation during training courses. HTB will provide exclusive discount for our customers who purchase training bundled with software.

Training Service for 3DS Software

Our Training Service covers Dassault Systèmes products range from Basic to Advanced training curriculum for


For finding the MSC Software Training Schedule, please contact with us.


Training Service for MSC Software

Our Training Service covers MSC Software products range from Basic to Advanced training curriculum for

MSC Apex MSC Fatigue
MSC Nastran MSC Patran
Marc Adams
Actran Sinda
SimXpert Easy5

For finding the MSC Software Training Schedule, please contact with us.


Information Technology Services

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. provides its customers with required IT related support which includes website development, CRM development, Inventory Management and Application Software development. 


Staffing Service

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. provides customer with Qualified, Certified, and Experienced engineers for different industries based on customer requirements. We provide engineers in following engineering category for Consumer Goods and Packaging Industry:


Automotive Engineering Liaison Engineer IT Specialist
Mechanical Engineers Drafts ManProduction Engineer
Stress Analyst FEA Analyst Manufacturing Engineer
Design Engineer Electrical Engineers
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