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Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. (HTB) offers a full bunch of specialized engineering, technical and management services for the Heavy Machinery & Equipment Industry. HTB’s team – a highly skilled professional team offers engineering and related consulting services to a number of relevant industries including Heavy Machinery & Equipment companies. The team is a blend of experienced and young engineers working for the integration of latest technology with the collaboration of world’s best companies.

The entire organization is thriving to continuously improve the quality of the products and services provided by the company. Hi-Tech Bangla Inc. fosters a work ethic and environment in which every employee shares the responsibility for adherence to all policies and procedures of the quality system.

The traditional challenges of heavy equipment engineering involve designing products to safely and effectively perform in harsh environments and under extreme conditions. Today, these challenges are amplified by a heightened demand from customers and regulatory agencies to meet standards for comfort related to noise and vibration. Best in class manufacturing companies are evolving from the traditional engineering “build and break” process to virtual prototypes, and simulation solutions are becoming an integral part of the design process.

With solutions powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform specifically tailored for the Heavy Machinery & Industrial Equipment market, HTB is looking ahead to meet future customer demands being partnered with world class engineering software solutions developing companies like MSC Software, Dassault Systèmes, SSI, etc. With MSC Software, as the originator of modern CAE simulation software provides a variety of proven simulation solutions across a broad spectrum of machinery applications. MSC also enables customers to maintain uniformity and reliable information sharing across departments and the supply chain. With Dassault Systèmes software solutions a more challenging business situations are addressed in a unified environment that enables social networking at the corporate level as well as the business community level.

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. specializes in State-of-the-Art Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Software including Design & FEA Software, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Technical & Engineering Process/Data management software and offers following services to the Heavy Machinery & Equipment related to the required R&D, Design and FEA works:

Engineering & Consultancy ServicesSoftware Services
Information Technology Services Staffing Services

We primarily provide engineering and consultancy services in Heavy Machinery & Equipment Industry. Our Services Portfolio includes delivering software, providing Technical Support in Installation, Integration and Enablement along with world class Training to ensure maximum productivity of our customer.

Our Capability and Services in Heavy Machinery & Equipment

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. provides engineering solutions to its customers as one stop shopping mall by providing the advanced engineering software tools, conducting training & performing engineering services as need basis. Hi-Tech Bangla has established partnership with engineering software solution developing companies like MSC Software, Dassault Systèmes, SSI, etc. and thus became a power house as an engineering service provider.

HTB provide the following Services to Heavy Machinery & Equipment Industries

Engineering Services:

Our Engineering Services include Design & FEA, Outsourcing, Onsite Support, R&D Support to our customers. To provide the outmost services to our customers HTB has developed Center of Excellence at its state of the art design center, located in Irving, TX, where engineers are capable of performing the following engineering simulations:


·         Tracked & wheeled vehicle

·         Soft soil interaction

·         Balancing reach and agility

·         requirements with stability & safety

·         Noise & vibration analysis

·         Thermal analysis

·         Control system performance

·         Obstacle traversing and Seal analysis

·         Weight, cost & shape optimization

·         Contact interaction

·         Dynamic transient analysis

·         System-level dynamics simulation


·         Gear & bearing modeling and analysis

·         Belt and chain modeling and analysis

·         Durability & fatigue analysis

·         Hydraulics & pneumatics simulation

·         Controls system modeling & analysis

·         Structural analysis

·         Nonlinear analysis

·         Pneumatics, hydraulics, gas dynamics and electrical systems

·         Material handling simulation

·         Part, component, system simulation


Engineers at HTB use MSC Software for:


·         Controls system design

·         Hydraulic & pneumatic cylinder

·         modeling & analysis

·         Assembly manufacturing process

·         Cables and chains modeling

·         Wind loads on cranes

·         Platform stability and safety

·         Cutter systems performance and failure

·         Gaskets, engines, mounts modeling      

·         Conveyor belts and pulleys

·         Boom, guy lines performance

·         Tires, hose and pipe design


·         Power tools

·         Industrial robots

·         Wind turbines

·         Fans & blowers

·         Gas & steam turbines

·         Compressors, expanders & turbochargers

·         Pumps & water turbines

·         Conveying equipment simulation

·         Drilling and mining machinery

·         Machinery noise control and noise attenuation

·         Agricultural & Industrial equipment

·         Packaging machine

·         Washing machines




Design & FEA Services:

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc., specialized in Aerospace Design and Finite Element Analysis, provides design and analysis solutions, work to our Potential Customers in the field of Aerospace & Defense Industry. 

Engineering Design, 3D Modeling & Drafting:


HTB uses CATIA, SolidWorks, SSI, etc. to provide Engineering Design, 3D Modeling & Drafting as following


Engineering Design 3D Modeling 2D Drafting
Composites Engineering DesignPart Design 2D layout drafting
Sheet metal Design Advanced Assembly Design Instrumentation diagrams
Fluid Systems Design 3D Shape Modeling Component design layouts
Electrical System Design Industrial Design Product design schematics
Routed System Design Advanced Surface Modeling manufacturing diagrams
Digital Mockup
Fabrication drawings


Finite Element Analysis:

HTB supports the following for Finite Element Analysis by using Patran:



·         Finite Element Modeling,

·         Complex Meshing

·         Analysis setup and Post-processing



For multiple solvers including MSC Nastran, Marc and Abaqus.


HTB Can Support the following for Finite Element Analysis by using MSC Nastran:

Description: Description: http://d3e9xuvpzi1isd.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/gjUi2lml8ZvfTWmBSQHaU4-a89xtfjqRwWA7oOi2Kcc/mtime:1358794555/sites/default/files/inline-images/belt3b.jpg

·         Fatigue analysis  setup

·         Thermal analysis  setup

·         Static and dynamic analysis Setup

·         Post-processing

·         Structural Assembly Modeling


·         A number of optimization algorithms are available, including MSCADS and IPOPT.

·         Multi-Disciplinary Structural Analysis

·         Automated Structural Optimization

·         High Performance Computing



HTB can support the following by using Marc:

Description: Description: http://d33thvmu37kot3.cloudfront.net/cdn/farfuture/D6UfSx1g0WEhz6eolmm8nrH-6lQdH93lDUN-Sgt3AMc/mtime:1345154493/sites/default/files/inline-images/rubberbushing.png

·         Thermal analysis

·         Coupled thermomechanical analysis

·         Electromagnetics

·         Piezoelectric analysis

·         Electrical-Thermal-Mechanical

·         Electrostatics and Magnetostatics coupled with structural response




Optimized for nonlinear analysis, delivers comprehensive, robust solution schemes to solve problems spanning the entire product lifespan, including manufacturing process simulation, design performance analysis, service load performance and failure analysis.




By using Adams HTB can support analyzing a nonlinear dynamics in a fraction of the time required by FEA solutions. We can also support the following by using Adams:

Description: Description: https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQf8q94xwuwSKMQupnK9cxHEr_HgUJjUdvjF0dkftMGeadJxQXl

·         Mechanical components

·         Pneumatics

·         Hydraulics

·         Electronics

·         Control systems technologies

·         To build and test virtual prototypes




HTB also can support to analyze the dynamics of moving parts, how loads and forces are distributed throughout mechanical systems by using Adams


HTB also Support the following for Finite Element Analysis by using Abaqus:


Description: Description: https://www.simuleon.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Simuleon-Post-Buckling-Analysis.png

·         Static stress/displacement analysis

·         Viscoelastic/viscoplastic response

·         Dynamic stress/ displacement analysis

·         Heat transfer analysis

·         Mass diffusion analysis

·         Direct cyclic

·         Flow analysis       





Software Skills and Tools: MSC Nastran, MSC Patran, Adams, Marc, SIMULIA, Abaqus




Onsite Support

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. can deploy highly skilled professional team of experienced and young engineers upon requirement of our customers to provide necessary support and service regarding R&D, Design and FEA works.


Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. can outsource engineering services related to R&D, Design and FEA issues faced by a partner Automobile, Transportation & Mobility industry. Our highly skilled professional team of experienced and young electrical / mechanical engineers can perform the required design and analysis works in house on behalf of our valued customers and outsource the result just in time.

Software Services

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. provides Software Services to its customers with State of the Art Software and Training Center. Our services includes Technical Service and Software Training of world’s leading Design & FEA Software Developer i.e. Dassault Systèmes and MSC Software.

Technical Service

Installation, Integration & Enablement

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. offers Software Installation, Integration with various modules and enablement of the software products through technical and operational training solution packaged with Software Sales Services.



·         HTB will install and activate license for software on the server for network based software user


·         HTB is well equipped with software developer and integrator

·         HTB team will integrate complex server with software System

·         HTB team can integrate with existing software modules with upgrade version


·         HTB team will run the software after installation and provide troubleshooting for any malfunction

·         Will Provide software demonstration on site




Software Training Service

We are providing Software Training services for 3DS and MSC Software products in our State of the Art Training Center and can also provide customer side training too.


HTB’s In-House Training Center Customer On-Site Training
HTB started training programs for its customers in its training facility in Dallas, TX.We Provide onsite training on any design, analysis, PLM, etc. related software per customer requirement.
Customer can either follow standard training courses provided by software vendors or HTB’s customized training courses designed for each customer’s requirements. Trainings are provided by both Qualified and Certified Instructors based on the skill set requirements for training courses to be conducted.
HTB’s premier training facility consists of state of the art training class room and hardware compatible with running high end design, analysis and simulation software. HTB’s On-Site customized training courses are cost-effective.
Each trainee is provided with individual workstation during training courses. HTB will provide exclusive discount for our customers who purchase training bundled with software.


Training Service for 3DS Software

Our Training Service covers Dassault Systèmes products range from Basic to Advanced training curriculum for




For finding the MSC Software Training Schedule, please contact with us.

Training Service for MSC Software

Our Training Service covers MSC Software products range from Basic to Advanced training curriculum for-


MSC Apex MSC Fatigue
MSC Nastran MSC Patran
Marc Adams
Actran Sinda
SimXpert Easy5


For finding the MSC Software Training Schedule, please contact with us.

IT service

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. provides its customers with required IT related support which includes website development, CRM development, Inventory Management and Application Software development. 

Placement Service

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. provides customer with Qualified, Certified, and Experienced engineers for different industries based on customer requirements. We provide engineers in following engineering category for Automobile, Transportation & Mobility Industry:

Stress Analyst Design Engineer
Liaison Engineer Drafts Man
FEA Analyst Mechanical Engineers
Electrical Engineers Electro-Mechanical Engineer
Computer Engineer Programmer
Product Engineers Manufacturing Engineers






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