Energy, Process & Utilities


The past decade has seen increasing explorations for fossil fuels, while research into the alternative energy sources, like wind, solar, and biofuels is taking center stage as governments and companies look to meet the ever-increasing global energy demands. Nuclear power is also getting a second look, both in terms of its potential and challenges.

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. (HTB) offers a full bunch of specialized engineering, technical and management services for the Energy sectors. HTB’s Energy division – a highly skilled professional team offers engineering and related consulting services to both government and non-government projects. The team is a blend of experienced and young electrical / mechanical engineers working for the integration of latest technology with the collaboration of world’s best companies.

Currently highly effectual HTB R&D team is working on the full concept development of the energy sectors. The entire organization is thriving to continuously improve the quality of the products and services provided by the company. Hi-Tech Bangla Inc. fosters a work ethic and environment in which every employee shares the responsibility for adherence to all policies and procedures of the quality system.

Hi-Tech Bangla offers engineering solutions to Energy, Process & Utility industry using advanced engineering software like CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, SIMULIA, DELMIA, ENOVIA, NASTRAN, PATRAN and 3DVIA.

HTB uses MSC Software for following types of simulations:


ü  Structural analysis

ü  Nonlinear and contact modeling

ü  Impact and blast

ü  Wave loading & structural integrity

ü  Design optimization

ü  Noise and vibration

ü  Durability and fatigue

ü  Simulation process automation


ü  Thermal performance

ü  Multibody dynamics

ü  Mechatronics

ü  Fatigue analysis

ü  Motion and systems analysis

ü  Stress & strain analysis

ü  Thermal & heat transfer analysis

ü  Acoustic analysis



HTB’s engineers use MSC Software to analyze:



ü  Gear and bearings

ü  Seals and gaskets

ü  Wind turbine blades and systems

ü  Packers and blowout preventers

ü  Piping systems

ü  Bird impact with turbine blades

ü  Packer seal analysis


ü  Solar panel heating

ü  Wave loading and structural integrity

ü  Nuclear cask safety

ü  Composite blades

ü  Control systems

ü  Pipeline inspection gauges (PIGs)

ü  Nuclear waste tank



Energy, Process & Utilities: Industry Experience Segments


ü  Oil & Gas Industry

ü  Nuclear Energy

ü  Chemical & Process

ü  Thermal Power

ü  Sustainable Wind Turbines




Oil & Gas Industry

Drilling and production equipment and transportation infrastructure is continuously subjected to severe loading conditions and any disruption to operations can lead to expensive shutdowns. Hence extensive testing early in the design cycle is critical. However, it is not only expensive for exhaustive physical testing, but could also be hazardous to test engineers because of the need to recreate the harsh field conditions. Hi-Tech Bangla Industry Solution Experiences provide tools to help you be an industry leader:

ü  Data-driven exploration decisions

ü  Integrated reservoir modeling and simulations

ü  Production management and optimization

ü  Simulation-based reliability and safety assessments

ü  3D virtual maintenance simulations and work instruction

ü  Optimized plant construction



Nuclear Energy

Hi-Tech Bangla Industry Solution Experiences help plant owners/operators, engineering, procurement, and constructions (EPC) firms, and equipment suppliers to minimize costly downtime, reduce risk, and meet stringent government and safety regulations. Our integrated software suite delivers 3D lifelike virtual simulation and project management tools for effective design, engineering, construction, operation, and maintenance, enabling you to deliver projects on time and on budget, while ensuring total safety.

 Hi-Tech Bangla Industry solutions for the nuclear energy industry include:

ü  Creep and burst analysis of pipes

ü  Accident simulation

ü  Fluid and gas transport system analysis

ü  Welding and residual thermal stress analysis

ü  Nuclear waste tanks



Chemical & Process

Petrochemical and chemical plants provide humanity with irreplaceable materials for cloth, food, and health, and safety is the most important factor. Whether you are planning new built or a refurbishment for process changes, Dassault Systems Industry Solution Experiences provide the tools to optimize your project execution.

ü  Keep up-to-date asset information for safety critical equipment

ü  Track the relationship between requirements and physical implementation

ü  Implement knowhow in training with 3D lifelike virtual environments

ü  Generate on-demand information for any request for compliance or safety control



Thermal Power

Hi-Tech Bangla Industry Solutions provide design tools for turbine island equipment suppliers, as well as the integration of disciplines for the whole plant. In addition, accurate program management capabilities enable you to plan and monitor plant construction collaboratively with contractors in order to deliver on time and on budget.

Sustainable Wind Turbines

The ever-growing demand for energy and increased focus on renewable resources has given rise to thousands of inland and offshore wind farm projects worldwide. Whether you are a wind turbine manufacturer, in engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC), or an owner/operator, Hi-Tech Bangla Industry Solutions are for you.

Hi-Tech Bangla Industry solutions for the Wind Energy industry include:

ü  Full wind turbine system simulations including effects of controls

ü  Rotor blade modeling

ü  Structural analysis for towers, nacelle, hub, foundation and other elements

ü  Off-shore structures, groundings and floating systems

ü  Accurate aero-dynamic loads calculation



Our Capabilities & services in Energy, Process & Utility industry:

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. provides engineering solutions to its customers as one stop shopping mall by providing the advanced engineering software tools, conducting training & performing engineering services as need basis. Hi-Tech Bangla has established partnership with engineering software solution developing companies like MSC Software, Dassault Systems, SSI, etc. and thus became a power house as an engineering service provider.

HTB provide the following Services to Energy, Process & Utility Industries.

Engineering Services: 

 Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. (HTB) offers a full bunch of specialized Engineering, Technical and Management services for Energy, Process & Utility. HTB has a state of the art Technology Design Center at Dallas, Texas, a home where hundreds of engineers, consultants and technicians are connected for developing innovative & cost effective engineering solutions to meet our customers’ requirements. This design center is the heart and Center of Excellence (COE) of technology, constantly working to improve customer designs with new and additional ideas, post-production engineering support to improve existing designs and achieve the highest level of recognition from industry leadership.

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. specializes in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Software including Design & FEA Software, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Technical & Engineering Process/Data management software. Our engineering staffs are from the industry with years of experience in engineering design, analysis, manufacturing and consulting work. We have the know-how. Let us help you apply our technology to your product development processes.


Design, FEA and R&D:

 Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc., specialized in Mechanical Design and Finite Element Analysis, provides design and analysis solutions, work to our Potential Customers in the field of Architecture, Engineering & Construction industry  

CATIA, ENOVIA and 3DVIA Collaborative Design for AutoCAD provides a multi-site AutoCAD design data management solution for the construction project stakeholders. It allows architects and engineers to access and share each other’s designs from within the native AutoCAD user interface by leveraging the design team collaboration capabilities of ENOVIA, CATIA and 3DVIA.


Engineering Design, 3D Modeling & Drafting:

  Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc., specialized in Engineering Design, provides design and analysis solutions, work to our Potential Customers in the field of Energy, Process & Utility industry. We offer System Engineering, Equipment Modernization, Engineering Process improvement, System Design, Technical Data Support Service, Engineering Design & Analysis.

HTB is specialized in 3D Modeling & 2D Drafting. 3D Modeling include Mechanical Part Design Advanced Assembly Design, 3D Shape Modeling, Industrial Design, Advanced Surface Modeling, Digital Mockup, Fabrication drawings. 2D drafting include 2D layout drafting, Instrumentation diagrams, Component design layouts, Mechanical parts drafting, Product design schematics, Manufacturing diagrams in the Energy, Process & Utility industry.

HTB supports the following Engineering Design, 3D Modeling & Drafting by using CATIA, ENOVIA, and 3DVIA

ü  CATIA 3D Modeling Tools Providing High-quality Mechanical Products Design Opportunity.

ü  Enabling Engineers to Create Any Type of 3D Product Assembly.

ü  A Wide Range Of Engineering Processes Can Easily Be Covered With CATIA

ü  Providing perfect decision making tools with higher quality and accurate virtual prototype.

ü  Developing Designers Creativity for Product Shaping and Designing.

ü  CATIA provides a complete system engineering solution by providing a development platform includes modeling, simulation, verification and business process development.



HTB supports the following manufacturing process by using DELMIA

ü  DELMIA Digital Manufacturing applications accelerate manufacturing innovation and efficiency by planning, simulating, and modeling global production processes.

ü  DELMIA allows manufacturers to virtually experience their entire factory production process.

ü  DELMIA Digital Manufacturing capabilities extend visualization beyond the product into manufacturing—providing the ability to simulate manufacturing processes before the physical plant or production line even exists.

ü  By proving out plant level considerations such as manufacturing approaches and material flow in the early stages of product development, the product concept can be analyzed to determine the best approach to make the product.




HTB supports the following manufacturing process by using SIMULIA

ü  Linear and nonlinear solids,

ü  Fluids,

ü  Heat transfer,

ü  Acoustics,


ü  Vibration,

ü  Low-frequency electromagnetics,

ü  Electrostatics, and

ü  Coupled behavior between these multiply physical responses.



HTB Can Support the following Finite Element Analysis by using MSC Nastran:

ü  MSC Nastran is a multidisciplinary structural analysis application to perform static, dynamic, and thermal analysis across the linear and nonlinear domains.

ü  It is complemented with automated structural optimization and embedded fatigue analysis technologies.

ü  Engineers use MSC Nastran to ensure structural systems have the necessary strength, stiffness, and life to preclude failure (excess stresses, resonance, buckling, or detrimental deformations) that may compromise structural function and safety.

ü  MSC Nastran is also used to improve the economy and passenger comfort of structural designs.



HTB Can Support the following Finite Element Analysis by using MSC Patran:

Ø  Patran is the world's most widely used pre/post-processing software for Finite Element Analysis (FEA), providing

ü  Solid modeling,

ü  Meshing

ü  Analysis setup and

ü  Post-processing

Ø  Patran provides a rich set of tools that streamline the creation of analysis ready models for

ü  Linear,

ü  Nonlinear,

ü  Explicit dynamics,

ü  Thermal, and

ü  Other finite element solutions.



HTB Can Support the following Finite Element Analysis by using MSC Adams:

ü  Adams is the Multibody Dynamics (MBD) software helps engineers to study the dynamics of moving parts, how loads and forces are distributed throughout mechanical systems.

ü  Adams improves engineering efficiency and reduces product development costs by enabling early system-level design validation.

ü  Engineers can evaluate and manage the complex interactions between disciplines including motion, structures, actuation, and controls to better optimize product designs for performance, safety, and comfort. 

ü  Utilizing multibody dynamics solution technology, Adams runs nonlinear dynamics in a fraction of the time required by FEA solutions. 



Finite Element Analysis

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc., specialized in Finite Element Analysis, provide work to our Potential Customers in the field of Energy, Process & Utility industry. We offer Finite Element Modeling, Complex Meshing, Fatigue Analysis, Thermal Analysis, Static & Dynamic Analysis, Linear & nonlinear Analysis, Thermomechanical Analysis, Pneumatic Analysis, Electrical-Thermal-Mechanical

Onsite Support

HTB’s onsite support allows you to complement your in-house staffs without onboarding a full-time, employee. Sometimes your needs might require some extra help to get your project running on time and budget. Our staffing solutions can complement with one or more HTB’s employees who are recruited and hired by HTB to help manage your specific services. Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. can deploy highly skilled professional team of experienced and young engineers upon requirement of our customers to provide necessary support and service regarding R&D, Design and FEA works.


Outsourcing Service

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. can outsource engineering services related to R&D, Design and FEA issues faced by Energy, Process & Utility. If you have not had the opportunity to work with our engineers, we welcome you to contact us to help you. Our highly skilled professional team of experienced and young engineers can perform the required design and analysis works in house and/or offshore on behalf of our valued customers and deliver the result just in time.

Software Services

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. provides Software Services to its customers with State of the Art Software and Training Center. Our services includes Technical Service and Software Training of world’s leading Design & FEA Software Developer i.e. Dassault Systems and MSC Software.

Technical Service

Installation, Integration & Enablement

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. offers Software Installation, Integration with various modules and enablement of the software products through technical and operational training solution packaged with Software Sales Services.


·         HTB will install and activate license  for software on the server for network based software user


·         HTB is well equipped with software developer and integrator

·         HTB team will integrate complex server with software System

·         HTB team can integrate with existing software modules with upgrade version


·         HTB team will run the software after installation and provide troubleshooting for any malfunction

·         Will Provide software demonstration on site


Software Training Service

We are providing Software Training services for 3DS and MSC Software products in our State of the Art Training Center and can also provide customer side training too.


HTB’s In-House Training Center Customer On-Site Training
HTB started training programs for its customers in its training facility in Dallas, TX.We Provide onsite training on any design, analysis, PLM, etc. related software per customer requirement.
Customer can either follow standard training courses provided by software vendors or HTB’s customized training courses designed for each customer’s requirements. Trainings are provided by both Qualified and Certified Instructors based on the skill set requirements for training courses to be conducted.
HTB’s premier training facility consists of state of the art training class room and hardware compatible with running high end design, analysis and simulation software. HTB’s On-Site customized training courses are cost-effective.
Each trainee is provided with individual workstation during training courses. HTB will provide exclusive discount for our customers who purchase training bundled with software.

Training Service for 3DS Software

Our Training Service covers Dassault Systèmes products range from Basic to Advanced training curriculum for


For finding the MSC Software Training Schedule, please contact with us.


Training Service for MSC Software

Our Training Service covers MSC Software products range from Basic to Advanced training curriculum for

MSC Apex MSC Fatigue
MSC Nastran MSC Patran
Marc Adams
Actran Sinda
SimXpert Easy5

For finding the MSC Software Training Schedule, please contact with us.


Information Technology Services

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. provides its customers with required IT related support which includes website development, CRM development, Inventory Management and Application Software development. 


Staffing Service

Hi-Tech Bangla, Inc. provides customer with Qualified, Certified, and Experienced engineers for different industries based on customer requirements. We provide engineers in following engineering category for Consumer Goods and Packaging Industry:


Automotive Engineering Liaison Engineer IT Specialist
Mechanical Engineers Drafts ManProduction Engineer
Stress Analyst FEA Analyst Manufacturing Engineer
Design Engineer Electrical Engineers




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